game room repairs

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coin operated machine repair

we do it right & clean it bright

                                            We service all makes models and repair most machines. We can do some in home

                                            repairs or repair them in our shop. Please contact us at 734-612-2276 for details.


                                             Service bumpers, install new rubbers, clean/polish play fields, replace missing items,                                              repair switches, replace all new lamps, install new batteries or install new updated                                                  fixes. Repair circuit boards and replace back glass or playfield glass.

                                           -JUKE BOXES
                                            Service new needles, repair missing items, repair any switch or limit. Install new                                                     updated repairs to make it run smoother and replace step motors.

Service reels, change batteries, optic boards and mechanical issues. Turn token games into taking quarters. 

Service and repair all makes and models. Turn one game cabinet into a multi-game cabinet. Replace broken switches, controllers and do circuit board repairs. We can also service crane games.

We can service any machine that is coin operated. We will try our best to find any missing part, or find that arcade game that you played as a child. We can pick up the cabinet, service it, and then reinstall it back in your home. There would be a pickup and delivery charge for the game cabinets.